- Kontroliuojanti įmonė, jungianti turto/verslo savininkus, projektų plėtotojus ir finansinius išteklius valdančius partnerius, bendradarbiaujanti konsultuojant ir/ar investuojant į projektus nuo 2002;
- Kuria ir įgyvendina turto pertvarkymo ir rizikos valdymo projektus;
- Tarpininkauja NT sandoriuose.


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Houzez offers a wide range of drag-and-drop widgets to assist you in designing your pages

You Can Design Clean And Modern Grid Layouts

Grids are the backbone of all layouts, infographics and presentations

Create Custom Capture Forms And Manage Leads With The Integrated Houzez CRM

The Inquiry Form widget allows you to design unique forms to capture your leads. It connects with Houzez CRM and your email inbox to keep your work everything on track.

Please install and activate Houzez CRM plugin.

Display Different Content Types

The Houzez Grids widgets allow you to display property cities, types, status, etc within different grid style variations, colors and typography options

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